The making of “Oceans”

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How we shot Rob Dickinson’s “Oceans” over two days in Palm Springs and Hermosa Beach. The “mermaid” is Liz Constantine, who has her own band — Dizzy X — with Dante Marchi, who filmed this behind-the-scenes video. You can see the final cut below.



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Shot on the Nokia N93 in 2006, “Oceans” by former Catherine Wheel frontman Rob Dickinson was the first music video filmed on Nseries devices, the first cellphone music video to feature C.G.I. (check out the mermaid’s tail) and the first cellphone music video to feature underwater and aerial shots. Hope you like it.

Stills gallery… “Surfing at 32ºF”

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More screen-grabs from the Eskimohunter video – the vivid colors come from home made filters (one of which was a Quality Street chocolate wrapper). There was absolutely no computer coloring involved. Watch the final cut a couple of posts below.

Behind the scenes photos

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A few snap-shots from the filming of “Surfing at 32ºF”… Sunset Blvd, Downtown LA & Malibu. The polar bear was in no way mistreated or harmed during the making of the video. These are all Quicktime still grabs from MPEG-4’s captured on the Nokia Nseries cellphones/pocket computers/multimedia devices we used. Watch the movie version below.

Behind the scenes with Eskimohunter

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How we made “Surfing at 32ºF” with Jason 71, the man behind Eskimohunter… final cut below.

Surfing at 32ºF – Eskimohunter

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Here’s the video for Eskimohunter’s “Surfing at 32ºF”, shot entirely on Nokia Nseries mobile phones, using a bunch of guerilla & DIY tricks, including fishing line monorails and chocolate wrapper filters.