Video for The Frequency

Here’s our new video (“Talk to Me,” shot in May 2009) for outstanding LA band, the Frequency (Marc Cazorla & Alex Stiff). This time we downsized from cell phone cameras and used a PI Camstick, which was no bigger than a pack of gum and had no viewfinder . . . but the occasional accidents of off-skew framing worked out really well. We opted for the “one shot” format, and placed two almost identitcal takes side-by-side. The sunset-orange filter was stuck on with putty, and the location is the modernist Neutra VDL house in Silverlake, Los Angeles (designed and built by Richard Neutra — many thanks to resident curators Sarah & David). High winds created the kaleidoscopic effect at the end — we velcro’d the camera to a helium zeppelin for what was supposed to be a smooth and majestic aerial finale, but the breeze got the better of us hence the somewhat manic-looking ending. Thanks also to Sadie and Erin, Chuck, editor Nick Rucka, & Nadav at The Post Office.


~ by Mike on June 18, 2009.

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